Friday, June 30, 2006


Thanks to fellow blogger “b.”, here is another fun questionnaire for people to copy and fill out as they like.

Side note: There is another fun questionnaire under my Archive – “October” blog if you would like it. Also, the reason I freakishly leave these questionnaires blank yet still insist on keeping them on my site is because (besides the fact that I like to keep KINDA private)…

I remember a few months ago I was after these questionnaires online (having received some via email yet I so-typically-of-me deleted them and then months later wondered why I deleted them). I was frantic to find one, wanting my then-husband-to-be (now-Husband slash Gangster) to fill it out. How else would I find out corny and useless facts like what his favourite flower is, or what’s his fav chocolate lol, or some juicier stuff like -- has he been in trouble with the law? Has he got a tattoo, etc. Mind you, there was no REAL juicy juice I found on him after all, well, maybe just a tiny bit *evil laugh* (hooray, I finally got my dream “bad boy”), well not really, but it makes me feel good thinking that *shrug*. So, Google I did. I G-oooooooo-gled my lil green eyes out with phrases such as “fun questionnaire”, “fill in questionnaire”, “email questionnaire” yet nothing came up. Now months later, finally with two questionnaires under my belt, I am feeling fairly pleased with myself. I figure that some poor soul will be out there doing the same thing as I was doing, searching Google for these questionnaires. I am hoping they find some luck in coming across them on my blog :)


1. What is your middle name?

2. How big is your bed?

3.What are you listening to right now?

4. What are the last 4 digits in your cellphone number?

5. What was the last thing you ate?

6. Last person you hugged?

7. How is the weather right now?

8. Who was the last person you talked to on the phone?

9. The first thing you notice about the opposite sex?

10. Favorite type of Food?

11. Do you want children?

12. Hair color?

13. Do you wear contacts?

14. Favorite holiday?

15. Favorite Season?

16. Have you ever cried over a love lost?

17. Last Movie you watched?

18. What books are you reading?

19. Piercings?

20. Favorite Movie?

21. Favorite college football team?

22. What were you doing before filling this out?

25. Favorite animal?

26. Favorite drink?

27. Favorite flower?

28. Have you ever loved someone?

29. Who would you like to see right now?

30. What color are your bedroom walls?

31. Have you ever fired a gun?

32. Do you like to travel by plane?

33. Right-handed or Left-handed?

34. If you could go to any place right now where would you go?

35. Are you missing someone?

36. Do you have a tattoo?

37. Do you still watch cartoons on Saturday mornings?

38. Are you hiding something from someone right now?

39. Are you 18?

40. What is the wallpaper on your cellphone?

41. Are you afraid of the dark?
42. Favorite hangout:

43. 3 things you can't live without?

44. Favorite songs?

45. What are you afraid of?

46. Are you a giver or a taker?

47. What are your nicknames?

48. What is your dad's middle name?

49. What do you sleep in?

50. Stuck on a deserted island, and can only bring one thing?

51. Favorite TV commercial?

52. First thing you'll save in a fire?

53. What is your favorite color?

54. What are the things you always bring with you?

55. What did you want to be when you were a kid?

56. What do you usually do when the alarm turns on?

57. What color is your bedsheet?

58. Who do you want to meet?

59. What do you think about before you go to bed?


Abigail S said...

I got to your blog by Googling "fun questionnaire." Thought I'd share that tidbit!

Soulsent said...

haha i googled "fun questionnaire" too and ended up here.

That's actually exactly what i was looking for thanks.

Jojo said...

hahaha did the same thing and it was the first one that came up. thanks!

Anonymous said...


sample said...

I think this will definitely help you out.
Fun questionnaires

chandra said...

Really funny question..hope you make the list short, as busy people will have no time to answer all question!! anyways felt happy after reading this article..thanks for sharing!!