Saturday, December 13, 2008

Worse than man-flu

Sitting here writing through squinted eyes and a heavy head, I finally understand what men go through when they have "man flu" only I feel worse, seeing I have "pregnancy flu" (meaning I cannot take any drugs for it!). I honestly cannot remember feeling this bad for a long long time.

Oh, that's right - congrats to me ha? I am pregnant. (yes it has been a while since I have posted). I am due in 9 weeks time actually! (InshAllah).

I keep thinking - do I keep this blog open and add to it? Will I ever add to it? Should I open a new blog? etc etc. I am hoping when I am a stay at home mum that I'll have more time to write about my overly boring mother's club style stories. But who knows!

Wish me all the best - if anyone ever reads this blog anymore!! :)