Saturday, January 12, 2008

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!

After a year and a half, this funky chicken is baaaaaaaaaaaack! (by popular demand of course) (well her sister's request anyway).

I have missed writing on this blog, I really have! I thought about it so many times, and thought I would start a new blog...but if I started a new one, the connection to my past wouldn't be made, therefore making things kind of dry.

So here I am again! My husband (yes, we are still married :P) just asked what I am doing. I have to admit, I am very random. I should be getting ready for our weekend trip, but here I am blogging. Nothing has changed in that respect...I have always chopped and changed and distracted myself since I can remember.

I best be off.

Til next time!



sal_pinkfish said...

Woohoo looking forward to the random thoughts once again!

alienbea said...


You're back! *So* happy, masha'Allah. :)