Saturday, May 21, 2005

Eyes Wide Shut

Welcome to my first post!

I have been wanting to write my thoughts down for so long now. I have finally decided to give this site a go. Besides the disgusting sound of "blogging" or "doin' a blog" or being a "blogger", this site seemed like a good alternative to pestering friends through long complicated emails or chatting everyone’s ears off once I come back from work in the evening. I guess this site is an alternative to people going to visit their psychiatrist. It is a cheaper alternative and most likely an alternative that will keep them more sane.

Yesterday I came across someone who had posted some fairly personal things about his life online (I will probably get to that stage soon). But he had mentioned something which saddened me. He told us of how he had given up on believing in God based on his previous heartbreaks and problems with women. He constantly blamed himself for the relationship going bad and then turned it around to blame God. I was saddened to read this but at the same time knew that whilst he was typing he was trying to 'convince' himself that God in fact did not exist. They were his raw thoughts on the topic. If he really didn't care about God he wouldn't have given the topic a second thought. It still got me thinking about atheists though and how they do not believe in a superior being above themselves. They associate themselves with having divine attributes and having power over their own destiny. But then when life doesn't turn out how they want it, don't they then wonder how much power they really possess? We start off weak as a baby, turn to strength later in life and later return to weakness at an old age. Weakness after strength the Quran says. I always wonder how people can neglect belief in God or at least neglect the thought process that should come naturally for most - Why am I alive? What is my purpose? Also the dreaded question that people find easier to neglect rather than come face-to-face with - What happens when I die? Often the question is just too puzzling for most hence it is avoided all together. The question is forgotten. Booze yourself up and perhaps the answer will come to you. Or drink away and perhaps you will 'lose yourself' for a while and not have to think. Not having to think is some people's solution. Those thoughts that perhaps came to them as a child or as they were developing and becoming the person that makes them the individual they are today soon would have disappeared as they grow older. Often the questions never get answered. It is easier that way, right? The whole "live for the moment" motto and "live each day as if it's your last". Nike even says it - "Just Do It". Sure, why not? Go ahead, do everything in your power to forget the whole reason for your existence. I guess most people are used to having an answer to all of their questions. Ask Jeeves, he's the main man. But then when people do sometimes decide to turn to religion they hit a brick wall because their questions are not always answered (or the answers they receive are not logical/practical/comprehendible). People get put off religion and then they fall into the group that says "I believe in God but don't follow a particular religion" or the group that claim "God doesn't exist" (these are also the people that like to point out that religion is the cause of all wars. Well congratulations for saying something original! not!). If they are a smart person perhaps they will "shop around" with the various religions and finally find one that most answers their questions...

The truth is - most people do not believe. People would rather fumble through life and enjoy its amusements. But every soul will taste death because nobody is immortal. So, what does happen after we die? Some people ask me about religion and I was once asked about how I knew that my religion (Islam) was the truth. How do I know that I am not just wasting my life doing all of these acts of worship? Instead, I could be out "having fun", right? I could be filling my life up with all of these 'good deeds' for nothing and avoiding all of the bad stuff in life only to find that Islam wasn't the right religion after all. Or rather, I could just die and my soul will perish meaning all of these acts were pointless. Well the thing is, when you have found the truth, your soul just knows it. Just like when you deeply love someone, you feel it with every inch of your heart and soul - it is the same when you have found the truth to your existence, only everything is a lot more intense. So to answer the questions I was once posed, IF all of this 'belief' is just a waste of time (although I know that it isn't)- I would rather have spent my life like this rather than perhaps being a non-believer, spending my life cruising along and then dying and spend eternity in torment as a result! I would rather take a risk in missing out on drinking, clubbing and playin' rather than taking a risk with where I will spend eternity. Plus my life on this earth has so much more inner fulfilment. I LOVE LIFE because I know my life has a purpose. My purpose is to thank and worship God for Him having created me. And as a result of me simply performing this duty which I should do so naturally, God has promised me (as a believer) eternal paradise (I hope!). I owe God everything and God owes me nothing yet He will still reward me for my efforts. How beautiful is that? God is truly All Merciful. When your friend buys you a gift, you thank him..right? Well why not thank God who created you? He gave you life and will take your life. He gave you sight, hearing, taste, the ability to smell and touch. And if God didn’t make you, who did?? If it was the big bang theory, it must have been an amazing coincidence that all of the gases and molecules formed together to make a fully functional human being! A creation that does not need to assist himself to live. Everyone's heart beats on its own and your lungs inflate and deflate without your own assistance. Clearly something Greater than us has created all of this! If people want proof that God exists, they simply need to look around them at all walks of life and that is their proof just there. The trees, animals, water and the air we breathe are all signs for people who understand. No random explosion of gases could have created all of that.